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Glasgow on a Budget

Many people seem to believe Glasgow is like any other city - that good times can only be found with high prices.

And while Glasgow definitely has its share of pricey places, I can assure you it is possible to spend an entire day in the city centre and spend no money whatsoever.

Hell, I can do more than assure you.

I can show you how.

Start at George Square - at the heart of Glasgow. I love sitting in George Square; host to a perfect mix of tourists and locals.

From George Square you have access to most of the city - but you should start by heading east...

Glasgow Cathedral.

Completely free to access and one of the oldest buildings in Glasgow. Spectacular from the grounds, the inside or the tombs underneath...

After some exploration, I suggest you head behind the Cathedral, to the Necropolis.

You see, many people make the mistake of paying to enter Glasgow Tower for a better view of the city - but the Necropolis, ideally located on a towering hilltop, holds some spectacular views.

You can explore a bit longer here, but don't linger - we're nowhere near the end of our journey yet...

And if you plan your trip correctly, you might even pass the blue police box (for those Dr. Who fans) --- and if you're really lucky, you can buy a coffee or sandwich there!


Head south and you meet the great Glasgow river - the River Clyde.

As you walk along, you'll find a tonne of interesting places.

Once you reach Finnieston, you have several options before you. I would suggest visiting the Riverside Museum, which is completely free.

To an extent, these are all free to explore without attending any events!

Head North from here.

Glasgow University is an amazing location - affectionately called 'Hogwarts' by many students in the Glasgow area.

Make sure you see the pillars of the courtyard, as make a quick stop at the museum inside.

A small walk away lies the Botanic Gardens

Again, free.

Again, beautiful.

So there you go - the free highlights!!

Of course there are many others, but these are my personal favourites.

Go forth and enjoy...

Post your own adventures below!!


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