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There are many hidden paths

when travelling...

The best experiences I have had while travelling have always been off the beaten path. And the trips that really stand out in my memory are those with real connection, where I have immersed myself in local culture and slowed things down.

The beaten path is often overcrowded and expensive, and more often than not it can lead to a surface-level experience. I hope to inspire people to find the hidden paths; paths that only the locals take or which lead to a more quiet corner of the Earth.

It's ok to relax while you are on holiday. Have a drink with the locals. Stay with a family and share food with them. Visit the beach towns during the rainy season. Wake up late and spend the whole day at a coffee shop. Eat fruit you've never heard of before, fresh from the local market.

The Hidden Path is about slowing things down and making the most of your travels. I hope you come along for the ride!



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